Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Facts About Beautiful People, Curse or Gift??

Nivea Touch Of Beauty Cream Oil Body Wash, Fig Blossom, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)     Beautiful people are always interesting to look, aren't they? Well, a few days ago a friend sent me an e-mail about the facts of beautiful people. A joke, a moron joke I suppose. Then, hereunder, I'd like to share it with you all, guys. Let me know whether it deserves to be considered funny or anything. See on below:
When Hanging Out
BP (Beautiful People, Red) will try best to find the most comfortable and cozy place but when the time to pay the bill comes, they will be in the last place while hoping that all has been paid.

When There Is an Assignment
For BPs know that they are attractive they will not struggle hard  for an assignment since they know that only by sending a few SMSs, people will queue
to help them. Those who offer help are mostly from the opposite gender who actually have their own agenda.
This is why the stereotype"BPs use their brain more maximally that causes them suffer from brain injury" appears. 

When Sad
BP will find someone "who are willing to understand"them. Therefore, BP will soon contact those whom they think like(interested to)them. Then, they'll tell the story based on their own  version and hoping for a support.  In most cases, it does work because the  object they make use will accept while hoping to be closer with the BP, no matter what it takes.

Sad but true.
Soon after the sadness erased, BPs will no longer care of the object. They don't give a damn if they have put an empty hope for those victims.

When Happy
Not really different from people in common.

When in Face Book
No matter what their status updates are, whether they worth comments or not, they will get good response from those in their friend list. Those who comment are hoping for such an attention from BPs. Pitty them for BPs knew that it would be this way.

(If you have a Face Book account and you think that you are a BP, try to make any sort of status update and see the response you get)
When Someone Hates Them
The most common strategy BPs use is getting attention from an opposition gender from his/her enemy's/competitor's friend and then start to take advantage from that person.
BP will do anything, taking him/her wherever he/she wants or even dating with him/her for the sake of sympathy and support. 
People will make use of female BP and then regard her cheap soon after.
For male BP, they will even be willing to take a FAT ELEPHANT on his bike or hang out with a HIPPOPOTAMUS at the mall for a support.

The Way They Dress
Whatever worn by BP, people will say:"Cool"or"great!! He/She's good in combining colors"
On the other hand, when someone categorized as non-BP dresses in the same cloth, people will say"He/She dresses like a yobbo" or" I bet that He/She has no mirror at home".

The Way They Speak/ Topic

Even if they(BP and non-BP) utter the same statement or sentence, they will get different reactions.
Uttered statement"Noordin M Top is number 1 fugitive in Indonesia”
Response for BP “Wow!!not only handsome/beautiful but He/She is also smart and clever!!’
Response for non-BP “Fiuhhh...everyone knows that Dude.”
With His Girlfriend(Male BP)/HerBoyfriend(Female BP)
Most BP will be so cruel and ruller !! This is because he/she knows that he/she is attractive and can easily get whomever he/she wants.
BPs always put themselves as the center of attention. the concept is that the world evolve around them not the other way around.
Since they have many fans, having a love relationship with BP means to risk for an affair. It is totallly not right, but they think that it is tolerable.  :)
Well guys, finish reading, what do you reckon about it?? Is it true?? In which position are you??

** Indonesian version can be seen here


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