Monday, April 21, 2008

The City of Evil

Jakarta, I never imagined before that I would be hanged down here. Stepping my right foot for the first time in one dawn in this city of evil and opportunities, I felt no excitement.
Metropolitan, here I am now, exposed to the rush atmosphere every single minute. Seems that people never rest here. They are struggling to win a better place in this cruel working competition. Lucky me since I am not really in the same pond with those damn executives. Though, so far it’s an amazing experience.
The only thing I can't stand is the traffic jam. You’ll never be able to predict the traffic here, how come??? I don’t know, find the answer by yourself. Traffic jam is such a depressing thing, may be I need to get myself used to it,,,,,
This city provides everything I want, but is it the place where I really belong??
Can I really fall in love with Jakarta??? We’ll see..

Jakarta traffic

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