Saturday, November 15, 2008


September 27th, 2008.

An Aussie(OZ) friend sent me a message, her name is Melinda Williams. She wanted to meet as we hadn't met for quite while. So, we made it. We met in Salatiga. She came to Salatiga with her two friends( Courtney and Jennifer). We hanged out together in a small cafe drinking some beers. One of her friends, Courtney, asked about my birthday. So stupid me, I never really remember my own birthday. I didn't realize that the day after was my holiday. DAMMITT !!! So we decided to celebrate my birthday the day after.
On the next day, 28th of September, they invited me to come to their home stay. I was so happy for all things they provided for my birthday. I got a present as well, HOORAY !!!!
We spent the night together, drinking beers and vodka(it's not good, I know. But I enjoyed it. So, What the fuck!!!). I was so happy at that time, thanks guys. I will never be able t forget that day ! Thanks !!!

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