Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Internet Service Using Mobile Phone as the Modem

   Who doesn’t like something free?? I like it, hehehehe… Tell me if there are any of you. As we all know, Internet is now becoming such an essential part in our life. Entertainment, news, job vacancies, networking, learning materials and many more can be found through the internet. For some people, they even earn from the internet. Interesting, ha?
   Currently, there are many internet broadband and or providers arise. This answers the people’s need of the service which can even be accessed from home. Who doesn’t want to read newspaper on his/her own bed without need to buy it from the news stand? Those providers provide service for people to render ease in getting whatever they want. Actually,
I am also interested to own the sort of coziness. But, I still don’t feel that I will need it in my everyday that I’m still pondering of whether to buy and use it daily.
A few weeks ago, a friend (his famous name is Ucil) informed me about a free
internet service. It
used one cell phone’s provider service (sorry, I should not which it is). He told me that with some settings and some additional programs installed, internet could be accessed by connecting your mobile phone, as the modem, to your computer. The mobile phone could be both connected to your computer through cable or Bluetooth. Without thinking twice, I managed to get more information from him concerning this. To better get the information on how this free service worked he invited to come to his house. Well, I just dropped my ass at his house then. He explained to me this and that (I did not really get what that was, since I’m just amateur and blind in that sort of technology, hehehehe…). Lucky me as he is a TOTALLY KIND person. He set my notebook up in order to get it is able to connect to the internet using that free service. I reckoned he knew that I did not really understand his explanation. What an understanding friend he is, thanks Dude!!

   Well, I spent my Saturday night then, heheehhe.. But it worth (sorry, it’s grammatically wrong, I know) somehow, doesn’t it? It took quite sometime to get all the things done and ready to use. We nearly spent the whole night in his messy (sorry to mention it Mate,  :P) bedroom(don’t worry readers, we did none but chatting and setting up the notebook, we are normal guy, heheheheh). After finishing the set-up, he taught me how to connect to the internet under that free service. Hmmm..this took for just in a minute for I am a fast learner, hahahahha..(not really, but actually because it was a totally easy thing as everything had been set up by Ucil).

   It is because his fabulous and kind assistance that I am now able to connect to the internet and update my blog every time I want. He is just awesome, honestly. (Jumping from Ucil to the internet connection, again) Actually, the connection is not really good, but what can be hoped more from a free internet connection? Not bad though, at least I can visit the web I want to see and keep me updated with some information arising in the current time. Moreover, I can freely surf the world after my busy hours in my work place in my own bed room.

**Special thanks to Dian Pramudita a.k.a Ucil owner of Belajar Ngenet


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