Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Demonstration and Riot at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta

Faith, most people do hold their faith tightly. View it as sometime so much precious, incomparable and becomes the first priority for them. In some cases it can lead into fanatics, which makes some people have a narrow view of some occurring issue. Faith, hearing this words and reflecting on the current facts, I sometime question why could faith lead to some unnecessary riots and fights between those actually brothers and sisters (I reckon they are).
The most recent booming riot happened in my beloved country, Indonesia, was the one occurred in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. Two oppositional sides fought each other for what’s so called as pride and job. Pride? Yes, I think so. On one side, the local inhabitants of Tanjung Priok, they fought
to defend their territory in where they had settled for some years. Indeed, what made them so strongly defended the area was a sacred cemetery that was planned by the government to be a part of the container terminal. Having heard the plan, the local inhabitants could not accept it as they regard the cemetery as a sacred legacy in where their ancestors were buried.
Job?? Yes, job. In the oppositional side of the local inhabitants, there were some officers who were stationed to release and clear the area from the local people’s acquisition. They were ordered to get those people away and leave the area. Well, who can be mistaken after all??
Two different objectives and sides met in an unfriendly atmosphere. They had different motives which somehow forced them involve in a mass fight. Inevitable, riot occurred for different purposes. Defending faith which has become part of the pride and on the other hand, doing their job as order delivered.
Cemetery, it is true that it is regarded sacred in Indonesia. But what can be done when a wider space is needed for what is considered as better industry, which forces to grasp some more land, but is it wise to swallow others’ food? Moreover, this area is considered as sacred and meaningful for them. Is it wise? On one side, the government was trying to seize a better industry future by expanding it, but on the other side the local people’s pride seemed to be stepped on.
At this point I am also confused to say which side is wrong. But looking at what the government should do for the citizens, I can say this thing should not happen. I was hoping that a better thought should’ve been in every of those involved’s mind. The government, in regard to create a better life for the citizens, this doesn’t always mean to create a wider industrial area but  maintain the people’s trust and even creating a bigger trust. Perhaps, it was TOTALLY not what the government expected to happen, I am sure. Unfortunately, a bad coordination and may be some personal motives created misunderstanding which led to the riot.
This piece of writing is only written after I heard the news about this riot. Heard only some pieces of the news but brought grief into me for I cannot believe my country seemed to be struck by continuous problems. Disaster, corruption, a bad organization of the governmental institution, and some other problems. This is just a thought of how I am actually concern, but clueless of what to do. I do hope that after reading it, you guys can have a brighter view about Indonesia and may be can help hand in hand to reach a betterment.
To see the video, please click here.


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