Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dual GSM-EVDO Hand Phone Modem From Smart

          In one of my previous posts, I discussed about a mobile internet provider SMART EVDO,a mobile modem with a fabulous performance. SMART Telecoms, a mobile internet provider in my country, Indonesia, seems to be always exploring and creating a more advanced internet broadband service.

     Yesterday, a friend dropped by at my office and showed me a new product  from SMART Telecoms, which  now is still in promo, a dual GSM-EVDO mobile/hand phone. I was flabbergasted when he said"EVDO". Why?? because I thought that the product from SMART was only the mobile

modem I had and the other one is a modem hand phone , which only had max speed 156 Kbps. Well, SMART has eventually launched their new product that I think ,it is great. Dual on, GSM-EVDO, can be used as a modem as well. Do we need else?

      For their newly launched product, I am honestly a bit dissapointed with SMART. Why?? because I have bought the modem. I would've chosen this mobile/hand phone modem if only I could choose at that time. Therefore, I'd like to sell my modem in order to be able to buy this mobile phone/hand phone modem. Beside I can use it anywhere i want, I can also insert my GSM card into it so that bringing two mobile phones/hand phones won't bother me anymore. Anyone interested to buy my modem??

      I am thinking that SMART's  dedication to internet technology really complies their motto "SMART MEMANG HEBAT"(it is in Indonesian) which means "SMART is TRULLY GREAT", isn't it?

       Anyway, if you are interested to buy the sort of mobile broadband modem,  you can simply click the images on the left side. I recommend them as SMART is not available in all places. Moreover, in some area the coverage is still not very good.

      For  your further informetion, below I embed the specification of the device which I took from a colleague's blog. Hoping that he doesn't mind with it, hehehe..


Prepaid packet IDR 1.360.000 (tax is not included)
•    Bonus access for 100 days
•   Bonus is under PLATINUM SPEED(Max Download 3.1 Mbps, upload max 385 Mbps)

Here is the specification:


oempak said...

cooool, wanna have one, maybe I should try it, thanks mate :)

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