Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Story of Emancipation of Men

         This story was actually sent by a colleague of mine during my busy day working. A humor in Bahasa(Indonesian)which made me a bit refreshed at that time. I guess that it is worthed for you to read too. Please have a glance and see how it is on your view. Anyway this was actually translated from Bahasa.Enjoy !!======================================

Emancipation of MEN: BETWEEN ME, MY GOD, and my wife 

     A man prayed: "Oh God, I cannot accept this. I work so hard in the office, while my wife stays relax at home. I want to give her a lesson, please change me to be her wife and she become a husband."    God opened His eyes and had a sympathy on the prayer. The following morning, the man who was transformed into a wife, woke up and quickly went..

to the kitchen and cook the breakfast. Then woke his two children and  told them get ready for school.    Then he gathered and put dirty clothes in the washing machine. After leaving his husband and her first child, he took youngest child to a kindergarten school. 
    Came home from nursery school, he dropped by at the market for shopping. At home, after helping his son get dressed, he hung clothes and then cooked for lunch. Finish cooking, he then washed the dishes.
    Suddenly he remembered was the last day to pay electricity and telephone bill. He sent his two children for a nap and he quickly went to the nearest bank to pay these bills.    Arrived home from the bank she ironed the clothes while watching television. In the afternoon he was watering the plants in the yard, then bathed the children. After that, he helped them with their study and doing the homework. By nine o'clock he was very tired and fell asleep.
     Two days taking a role as a wife he could not stand it anymore. Again he prayed, "Lord, forgive me. It turns out that I am mistaken. I would no longer take on the role as a wife. Please return me to be a husband again."       God replied: "Could be. But you have to wait nine months, because this time you're pregnant."
  Well, what do you think ?? You can always leave comment on below.


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