Friday, January 21, 2011

Activation of Linkfromblog; How to Activate Linkfromblog Account

      Linkfromblog, what is this? I believe that this question emerges in your mind when you read this post(especially for you who have naver heard about it). How to register and activate a linkfromblog membership? Signing up is simple, but activation needs a bit more patience and thorough efforts. In here I would like to share my experience in signing up and how to activate linkfromblog membership. Well, let's continue the story of signing up into linkfromblog and how to activate linkfromblog membership.     
      I was googling for sites that can help me earn more
money for my living when I stumbled on This site is a "pay to review"site which means that(according to my opinion)the site will pay you when you review something given as a job for you and then you post it in your blog. Actually, I have not got any project from this site, but stumbled here, I want to simply share you about how to register and activate it. Come on, check it out !!

  1. Go to
  2. Click“Free Sign Up“ into the column BLOGGER
  3. In the “Create Account”, complete your data, such as :
    - Email Address: (your email)
    - Re-enter Email Address:
    - Username: (Username that will be used for login ID)
    - Password:
    - Re-enter Password:
    - Enter Captcha
    - Tick “I agree with Privacy Policy and Terms of Service”
      Then click“Register”
  4. Below message will appear on the next page :
    Registration Complete! Your account has been created and activation link has been sent to the e-mail address you entered. Note that before logging in you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link in the e-mail
  5. After that, open your email and open the one from linkfromblog,open it and then click the activation link sent.
  6. Finish with that, click "sign in" and login into your linkfromblog account.
  7. Fill and complete your personal data in the“Finish Registration”page, Click "continue" and the registration is done.
How to get bonus from linkfromblog??Click “Add New Blog”, and continue with below steps :
  1. Complete the following data in the provided form:
    - Blog Title:
    - Choose the main language of your blog/site.
    - URL blog/website
    - Description Blog/website
    - Keywords:
  2. Click "Save"
  3. Next step is you have to activate your linkfromblog membership. How to activate linkfromblog membership?? Below page will appear when you aim to activate your linkfromblog membership, follow the next steps as below:
    Image Hosted by
    As mentioned in the above sample of the page, you have to make a review about linkfromblog in order to activate your linkfromblog membership. In addition, you have to include linkfromblog"affiliation link" or "banner" in the end of the review and don't forget to add "counter"code that has been given.
  4. The final step of activating linkfromblog membership is to post the review that you've made, and then submit the "URL" of the review in your blog and click"active". After that, wait until the approval from linkfromblog team. When your application is approved, you will get bonus in $ as the pagerank of your blog/site.                                                                                    
The more blog you register, the more bonus you will posibly get. But the point is: never remove the "counter"that has been given. Have a try and register by following this link.

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