Thursday, January 6, 2011

How To Become a Good Leader not Only a Boss; The Difference Between Leader and Boss

      Are you working in a company? Do you have boss? I am at my working place when suddenly the idea to write this appears. I remembered a friend’s utterance”Mmmm..he is a good boss, but not a good leader”. From that time on, the words seem to always stick in my mind. In my opinion, that’s true that there are differences between a leader and (only)a boss. Leader and boss seem to be the same subjects, but not the
same for me. Leader and boss are subjects which are inseparable from human life. I believe that most people(including me) want/dream to be a boss or leader. People don’t really notice that those two subjects are somehow different, do you reckon so? To become a good boss is not easy, but it is more difficult to become a good leader.
       Some people might say” That man is so bossy”. What does it mean? I think, someone say this way when he/she sees someone behave as a ruler of some community. For instance, there is a group of people and there is one person who has more power than the others. This person then may oppress the rest members of the group. Oppress in here means order the others to do what he wants, making use of the power he/she possesses. I find that the basic difference between boss and leader is as below:

Boss : spread threat and fright whenever he is present
Leader : spread peace in his presence without losing his power in front of his people.

      Well, I think that now you may start to have opinion on the people in your surrounding, your chief, manager, principal or whoever they are, who lead the institution in where you work. Is he/she (only) a good boss? Or a good leader.
       Sharing my personal opinion, I would prefer to have a good leader in whatever institution I am in. further thinking, I would also struggle to be a good leader than a boss. Moreover, what can be expected by threat or fright? Nothing gained, but fear. It’s different when we are regarded as a good leader, people will be voluntarily, without fright involved, do or help us. Is this true? I think so. In the other hand, when boss is so bossy, what he/she gains is nothing but fright (when he/she is around) and scolding behind his/her back. That’s why as I mentioned before, to become a good leader is more difficult than JUST to become a boss. Fight all the all the in your community then you’ll become a boss. Easy, isn’t it? But what do we expect of being ONLY the kind of person?
      If you are in charge in an institution now, ponder in mind what you are. Just boss or good leader. If you are behaving like (only) a boss, then you now know how your friends or work mates see you as. It is a choice whether you decide to gain your power through threat and fright or through care and attention. It is now your time to decide and act as.

** Correction on vocabulary and grammar are welcomed


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