Saturday, August 29, 2009

Male Vs Female

1. A girl wants to join in a car full of males.
Guys say : That's Ok, you can come in, you can still sit inside.
A guy wants to join into a car full of females
Girls say: No way !!!!! he must want to take the opportunity to touch me !!
2. A girl does guy's job
Guys :, that's an emancipation
A guy does girl's job
Girls's difficult to find job, don't be too selective.
3. A girl annoyed by a bad guy.
Guys : Pitty her, let's give her help.
A guy annoyed by a bad guy
Girls : who cares, that's his problem. Trying to get into a trouble with those bad guys.
4. A girl makes a drink for a guy
Guys : she's a good girl, she'll be a good wife.
A guy makes a drink for a girl
Girls : Wooo...he must be afraid to his wife.
5. A female, kind, rich and single.
Guys : Mmm..she must be a perfectionist woman, waiting for the right guy.
A male, handsome, rich, kind and single.
Girls : I bet that he suffers from impotency or may be he is a gay??

6. My wife does the make up at least half an hour every time we want to go out.
Guy : Ya...that' woman..
My husband needs half an hour just to get tidy before going out.
Girls : I'm sorry to say it, but I'm afraid your husband is having affair.
7. A girl wears male clothes
Guys : That's oke, that's common.
A guy wears female clothes.
Girls : OMG, he is a SHE !! Too girly, SHEMALE !!
8. A lesbian.
Guys : I bet that too many guys have hurt her.
A homo.
Girls : There must be no girl who wants to be with him !
9. A girl watches porn.
Guys : That's natural, she just want to know it.
A guy watches porn.
Girls : Ya !! All guys do that, none doesn't !!
10. My girl-friend goes to the salon three times a week.
That's ok..she just want to look beautiful all the time.She needs body treatments. You'll be happy when she looks beautiful, right ??
My boy-friend goes to the salon three times a week.
Mmm..I'm afraid aof what he does in the salo. ( @#%%^^&##$%)
11. A girl spend at least an hour in the bath room
Guys : Come on...all girls do the same thing.
A guy spends not less than an hour in the bath room.
Girls : He must be *&^%$#$$^**&&*(you know what this means)

**English version

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