Monday, August 10, 2009

The Morning Accident

This morning I woke up at around 6 am. Was a bit lazy to go to work indeed. Ya.. you know, I work in Semarang whereas I stay in Salatiga. Means that I have to ride my bike at around 1.5 hours to reach my office ( especially every Monday as I always return home to Salatiga every weekend and go to Semarang again on Monday morning).
Ooops!! nearly forgot what actually I wanted to share with you guys. Well, let's repeat again. I woke up at 6 a.m this morning. Tried to combine all the spirit I had, I went to my bath room and took a shower.
At 6.45 I departed from home, lighted my CG, played cool with a cigarette on my hand while riding my pure black motor bike, MEGA-PRO.
Finished my cigarette, I was ready to "enjoy" my quite long trip on my bike. On my way, still in Salatiga, I saw a tragic accident. There was a father, I reckon. He was taking his daughter to school, but a motor bike crashed them. The kid looked oke, but I don't really think so with the other three adults(the father, and the the
other motor bike's riders). They were only laying on the road. People were helping them, but not with me. You know, I was also in a rush to catch my office hour.
At that time I realized that I had to be more careful to avoid the sort of thing. Ya..ya.. I did try to be careful.
But I did not know, I just speeded as if there was nothing I had seen before( the accident).
On the middle of my way, I was fixing the position of my mirror since I couldn't see it clearly. Suddenly a car overtook me. And slowed down, I was shock, tried to step on the brake but was too late !! Crack..!!!! I hit the back part of the car, fell down and kissed the road. Ironically, the driver stopped not. He kept going. At that time my emotion was burning me. I started my engine again and tried to find that damn car with it's irresponsible driver. I was only thinking to kick his ass and gave him a lesson for not driving in a good manner. But unfortunately, I couldn't find him. I don't know he was lucky not to be found or I was too stupid for not being able to find him or even I'm lucky for not finding him. But anyway, I'm grateful to God for not suffering from any serious injury...ya..just got a little bump on my right foot. Gotta be more careful next time !!

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