Sunday, August 30, 2009

When I Get What I Actually Didn't Expect

Hey...What's up Mate? I do hope that you guys are just fine. Anyway, as usual I'm now in "warnet" shelter surfing in the webs, hehehe...
Guys, I just wnt to share you another experience I just got. Indeed,I just finished doing my hobby (teaching, sounds silly, but I considers it as a hobby anyway). I started to give private lesson around a month ago, the first student I got after my return to my hometown, Salatiga. Actually, it was a coincidence, this student ( I don't like to consider him as a student and I don't like to be called as a teacher indeed, but learning partner i better) is a friend of mine's sibling. He is 2nd grader in a senior high school in Salatiga. At that time my friend called me that he wanted me to teach his little brother English just to enrich his ability and raise his achievement at school. I was only thinking that I wanted to
do that in order for me to learn as well because you know, I'm now not really working in an English area, not really in accordance with my major. I don't want
to lose my English for not using it. Therefore, I accepted this offer. I DID NOT THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH I WOULD GET FROM IT AT ALL.
But just now, when I finished teaching (again this word burdens me sometime, hehehehe..)my student's (oops !! this word again...)mom gave an envelope. I know that there's some money in it, based on our culture this is how we give in order to be polite. I refused it, because I do that merely to do my hobby and just want to keep using my skill ( I'm not that skillful but she kept putting it in my bag. I could not do nothing but accept it as I don't think that it's polite to refuse a gift. And in this shelter, I opened the envelope. I found it Rp......( I don't need to mention it) ya...enough to buy some of my need, may be if I have 10 students with the same tariff, it is more than the amount I get from my current wok place, hehehehehe.... Well guys, I do learn that if we do things the best we can and enjoy it, we will get the UNEXPECTED REWARD, may this can motivate us all a lot more.


(correct me for any error, diction, grammar, etc)

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