Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Worry Is So Human

When I was a little kid, I used to be worry whenever I was alone. Being left alone by my parents and siblings was a worrying thing. As I grew up, it didn't stay the same.
The older and maturer I grew the more complex things comes to be worrying.
Now, I sometime worry about my future. Yes, I realize that none knows what God has instore(as if I am a religious person, not that much indeed). But I do believe, God never sleeps(He must have drunk too much coffee, hehehehe..). I reckon that it's always natural to worry as we are human. It is a basic characteristic I guess. Let me ask you a question, Is there any of you who have
never worry??? I can guarantee that none of you will answer"Me!!". Basically, we worry because we are thinking. We use our brain, therefore we feel worry.
But the point I wanna share is not the feeling of worry itself, but how we can overcome and make it as a motivation to do better in our life.There's no point to only worry about the future without doing something to, at least, reduce this feeling of worry.Do best in the present time will help to erase this feeling little by little.
We worry about the future, so just do what can be done now while trying to avoid the bad things might
happen in our future life. We'll never know what we will be, but at least we'll not regret in the future since we do not waste our present for the sort of useless things, just enjoy your today but never forget to plan the tomorrow. You can only regret and recall the yesterday, but you can always plan the tomorrow. So, don't worry to worry for we are all HUMAN.

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