Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Money Spring

That night was so cold, the dogs roamed, the wind blew so strongly and the water was so cold (wasis, is that true? isn’t that too hyperbolic?) Hehehehe…the situation was not that dramatic in fact, but some condition was true, the cold, the night, the dogs’ bark (as I have a little dog at home, hehehe..)

Well, let’s go directly to the point. Still remember about the last post in my diary about the new prospect students I would have? Hey..hey..hey…this will be about that new student.

I was having a chit chat (an old school words, ha??) with my mother and watching TV when suddenly I heard a cracking noise from my bed room ( Wasis,
come on…do not be too much in dramatizing this post!). Ooops !! okay ! Not a real cracking noise indeed, but my mobile’s ring tone. I was too lazy to open it, but I did open the message and saw a new unnamed number as the sender. I thought that this message was just from another random person who often annoyed me during my sleep by making a call but closed it when I picked it up. What an annoying habit, right?

As I opened he message, I saw that it wasn’t from any random guy (or may be girl, I don’t really know) but from the new prospect student I told you in my previous post.

Below I quote his message:

From : 62856XXXXX

Slmt sore Mas Wasis..

Sory br SMS.

Aku jd les Mas..

Adinya b2, tp mulai bln dpn.

Gmn?Gpp kan Mas?


Do you understand the above quotation? Okay ! I’ll translate it into English. Because above is in Indonesian and also in an SMS slang language.

Below is the English version:

From : 62856XXXXX


Sorry for making you waiting..

I will take the course..

There will be me and one other friend joining

But what about starting the class next month?

Is it okay?


I believe that you all understand now, don’t you? I was quite happy as I found another money spring, hhehehee.. Ya..I will need to reduce some of my free time just to earn this amount of money but that’s not a problem, I guess. Yay !! money comes…hobbies done !! But I think I will have to erase one of my hobbies from my weekend activities list. Huffth..a bit disappointing, but I am still grateful. Thanks GOD.

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