Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a Bad Day

5.46 P.M, September 15, 2009 I left for home from my work place after having a short chit chat and smoked a cigarette after the busy working hours. Hmmm..that was quite relaxing. I didn’t think at all that in the next two hours I would be a moron donkey.

I rode my bike confidently, not really speeding indeed, but ya…you know we can’t ride it slowly in the highway.

Everything was running well, until I reached my own hometown Salatiga. It started to rain when I entered this small city. I was thinking to stop and find a dwell just

keep me from getting soaked in the rain. But I didn’t know, perhaps I was thinking about my home because there was no one home as my parents were on their holiday in Bali. I could’t really remember what was in my mind. But suddenly in one turning, once again, I wasn’t speeding, I skidded. I didn’t know whether there was oil on the road or what. Fortunately, I got no serious injury but just twisted my ankle (worsen the condition as actually I had suffered from it for quite some time). Well, I was confused of what happened at that time, I couldn’t figure out how this could happen. But I am grateful to those who helped me. One of them said that I
was the third one who fell down in that place. Ooooppss….!!

I took my bike again, and I found it was okay, I carried on riding it just to get home. On my way after that small incident, I was still thinking about what was happening. All of sudden, when I overtook another motor bike, I skidded again, DAMN!!!!

What’s wrong with me??? I was really a donkey!!!(I don’t want it) but what to call me if I experienced those two stupid accidents in just about an hour. I was not day dreaming, it was night, can I say night dreaming?? No way!! I was completely awake!!

Up to know, this morning, I’m still confused of what happened with me last night. Was that a warning? Perhaps. But warning about what? (stupid me asking to you all guys, whereas I myself can’t figure it out) I do believe in GOD but not such superstition.

But Anyway, I’m still thankful to GOD for still guiding and protecting me. I got no serious injury.

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