Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Trip to Bali

      Yeaahh !!! at last I could satisfy my desire of adventure.
     Mmm…but too late I reckon to have it posted now, for indeed I had the trip on last three weeks. Who cares, I simply want to share you about it anyway.
As stated above I had the trip on about last three weeks, right one day before the Idul Fitri came. I went to Bali by bus because I was not able to afford air plane ticket, hehehehe.. But actually, I’d rather take bus for whatsoever trip than air plane since I’m a bit worry of flying. Moreover, I can enjoy
the trip better on bus than on plane I reckon.
      I left for Bali from the bus station on my home town, Salatiga. Departed at around 4pm, the traffic was quite busy at that time because of the people flow to their own home town to celebrate the Idul Fitri from their work cities. I was lucky as the person sat beside me was a girl, quite pretty, but unfortunately she wasn’t really pleasant, oooo…no…Well, at least I could still enjoy seeing her pretty face, heheeehe..
     At around 9 pm, we stopped at a restaurant in Situbondo, East Java for dinner; this is what I like to have a trip on a bus. We’d have more than enough time to enjoy the trip itself than to rush in reaching the exact destination.
We arrived at the harbor, when the dawn came. We were waiting for the ferry to cross from Java to Bali when suddenly I felt the bus I was in shaking. I was thinking that it was because one of the crew fixing or filling the tank. I just realized that this was caused by the earthquake when one of the passengers got a call telling that earthquake had just happened in Bali. Epicenter (the center of the happening earthquake) was said to be in Nusa Dua, southern part of Bali. Right after that my brother assured me that nothing to worry since no serious impacts suffered, especially in my brothers’ place, Denpasar.
     Not long after that, I continued my trip on a ferry. Felt so exciting to be on board. Enjoying the sea wind and
the sun rise behind my Ray Ban, hmmmmm…so relaxing. It took around one hour to get to Bali(Gilimanuk, name of the harbor in Bali)from Java(Ketapang, harbor in east Java to Bali).
                                on the ferry

      Reaching Bali, I had to show my I.D card to be able to really get in to Bali. This was done in the purpose of avoiding terrorist to enter Bali (I think). It was sunny day when I had to catch up the bus again after stepping my feet in Bali to get to my actual destination, Denpasar, the capital of Bali where my brothers’ stay. I t still took 3.5 hours to get to Denpasar from Gilimanuk by bus. When I arrived at Ubung(bus station in Denpasar), my brother picked me up, hmmm…at last I met him and soon I’d meet my other brothers and sister together with my nieces and nephew, also my parents. Yay !! we were all in Bali !
     But as usual, like my other previous vacation I had in Bali, I was too lazy to hang out around. I spent most of my time idling home. Forgot not to play with my nieces and nephews, I love it !!
The place I visited were Ulu Watu, Kuta (a most visited place in Bali), Sanur and some other interesting spots.
     Time always runs fast when we enjoy every second of it. Yes, I stayed a week in Bali, but felt like just two days. I had to return home on Saturday 26, 2009 since I’d have to work on Monday 28, 2009. Again, I took bus home. Enjoyed the trip but not the seat on the bus as I got the seat at the back which I thought wasn’t comfortable to sit on. I arrived in Salatiga quite early, around 6.30am. Finally, I had to sleep on my bed to get the energy.

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