Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Legend of Rawa Pening

Once upon a time there were a village with many arrogant people lived in there. At one time they were about to hold a feast. All the people were busy preparing all the needed stuffs.
When they feast came, all people were so happy enjoying each time they have. People were dancing, singing, eating and drinking. In an unexpected time, a little boy came to join the feast. The boy were so dirty and having such a disgusting skin disease. All the people rejected him. They even mocked and forsook him. He begged them for food as he had not eaten for nearly 3 days. But the people did not care about it and kept kicking him in order to make him away from that place.
The boy went away sadly. In front of a small house, an old woman called him. The boy was shocked because he could still find a kind person in that village.The old woman gave him some food and provided some cleaner clothes for him. She was so kind to him.
After finishing his meal, the dirty little boy told the old woman to ride onto the"lesung", something used to grind rice grain.Then the little boy returned to the feast. There, he called all the people to surround him because he
wanted hold a game. He then put a small wood in to the ground. He asked if there's someone who could take the small wood out of the ground, he would give whatever he wanted.
Many people despised the boy. Not long after, people were trying to take the wood out of the ground but none of them were able to. The little boy then took it out of the ground. Surprisingly, water came out of the little hole made by the little wood. The water was getting greater and turned into flood. All the people drowned except the kind old woman. She was safe because she followed what the boy said. The boy turned into a big snake and dwelled in the water. That place then famous with what is so called as Rawa Pening.

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