Monday, December 28, 2009

FaceBook, a Famous Social Networking Site

To socialize or having some kind of relation with others is kind basic need for human. Friends, families, or perhaps colleagues in work can be those whom we need to be in touch. For this reason, some social networking sites become one of the mean for some people in order to be connected with their friends, families or colleagues. There are some which are, I believe, familiar with you people. For example, Friendster, FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter are now commonly used worldwide.
From all those mentioned sites, FaceBook is gradually developing quite fast. Its popularity is now replacing Friendster especially in Indonesia. Kids, teenagers and adults are the users of this site. Regardless, the basic reason of the invention, people are using it for its interesting and handy features. People can send message, share what they feel, what they do, give comments and even play
games through this site.
For some people, this also become their business mean. They can advertise their products here. On the hand,
those who are interested with the products can simply comments on the account’s owner or even directly make a contact should he provides contact detail in his profile.
Beside those side functions, most people use the site to keep connected with their colleagues. Through FaceBook, they can maintain a good communication flow even though they are separated in distance. For instance, when you are working somewhere far away fro your own town, by having FaceBook account, you can always be updated about how your friends who are in your friends list are doing. Simply login, and see what they are sharing on their wall (status). If you need more than just knowing it, you can see their photos to see how your colleagues look now for may be you have not met for a long time.
Though, there were controversy in the use of this site in Indonesia some times ago. One religion basic foundation claimed this site to be forbidden since some people used in in a bad manner. For instance, some users used it to find some other women/men for an affair. In addition, some also cruelly deceived others through it took advantage from them.
Well, yeah... I agree that some people might misused the site for some bad purposes. But don't we get much more advantage from it beside the lost?? In my opinion, whenever, wherever, and through whatsoever you can always do bad deeds when you have the willing to do so. It just depends on how you control and use what you have properly. :)

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