Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clubbing in Jakarta, Night Life in Jakarta

    Jakarta is indeed a nice city(beside its traffic off course). Whatever we want, we can find it here. Hence, Jakarta is a quite good tourism object. To see further, check here.
   Jakarta, a city where I ever spent a year of my life. It was started from October 2008 until September 2009 when I experienced my first job after graduated from my University. I had heard quite much from the some sources about this city. Friends, mass media, TV they had told me some stories about it before. Well, indeed I didn’t believe all of the stories I heard.
It was close to my last days in Jakarta when I had to believe what I had not believe before. People said there’s a sort of nude show in some night clubs in Jakarta. What made me believe was when a friend invited me to go to one of those clubs. It was Saturday night.
We were in three, men. One married with two daughters but apart from his family and two others are me and my other single friend.
    We arrived at the club at around 10 p.m. you know guys what are most people do in a night club. Drink, dance, ya…those sort of things. But honestly, I didn’t really do that. Yes, I did drink some beers but not some other mischievousness that might you’ve predicted before.
    As we stepped our feet into the building, many pretty voiced girls(did they deserve to be called as girls??) greeted us pleasantly. They seemed to be so kind, and most of all tempting, hufff…. I felt not comfortable at all when I first entered the place because of the sound of the music, damn !!! it was so loud as if about to destroy my ears. Moreover, the building was full of smoke which I could not really stand even I myself is also a smoker. But not that much smoke I needed to inhale, hey ? finding a nice spot to sit, we ordered some beers. I tried to adapt myself and enjoy the music played while enjoying my cigarettes and some bottles of beers..hmmmm…the beers was quite relaxing. My friend said that the striptease would be started at 12 p.m. I was so curious and couldn’t wait to see that show.
Damn !! what took the time so long till 12 p.m ??
    At last, when I saw the time from my mobile, it was about 12 p.m but I didn’t see any sign of the show as what my friend had told me. He then told me that it was delayed till 1 a.m. well, I had to wait again. I tried to be patient on it, I was also thinking that my friend pranked me, hehehehhe… but none can be done but waited and hoped that it would come true. At last, the party truly begun at 1 a.m. yay !! And yes, it’s true. There were some females dancing on the stage. They were wearing such sexy dressing. After around 20 minutes dancing, they started to put off their dressing ( the upper part ) that I could clearly see their breast. O my God !!! it was true. They were dancing wildly as if there were no one there. I was even thinking that they behaved like animal. But it wasn’t the end of the show.
    The first section ended around 2 a.m. Those females weren’t fully naked. I was thinking to ask my colleagues to return home when they told me there the HOTTER show would be started at 3 a.m. I decided to wait and see that one as well. I was only thinking that I might not see it again later on since I planned to move from Jakarta afterwards. And it’s true, the dancers came out again. And yes, it was TOTALLY HOTTER than the previous show. They were totally naked!! I half believed and half not. They were dancing and doing some wilder things that I cannot explain. I don’t know what word appropriate to explain or represent it.
    Hmmm…well yes, some stories about Jakarta are true then. Hoping that you guys can try it yourself when you have the chance. It worths somehow, just how we view it. Merely to know and experience it or you want to drown yourself in it, that is your choice


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