Monday, January 18, 2010

Driver for Compaq Presario CQ40-532TU

Hey !! Hello!! How are you all doing? I do hope that you are all just fine.Actually I want to post something else before this article. unfortunately, the writing which I want to post, which should be posted before this article cannot be opened. Hufff...well, okay. I will simply post it and later on I will post that writing.
about two months ago I bought a notebook, CQ40-532TU. It took me quite some time  to get the notebook/laptop fully working because even to get the master program, which had to be WINDOWS VISTA, I had to hunt for days until I found a friend who had the CD master program of that WINDOWS VISTA (the pirated one, as you know, too expensive to afford the original one, hehehehe..). I borrowed the CD and installed it after home from work. Unfortunately, the program needed activation,
which could only be used for 30 days after installation. Fiuhh..anyway, that’s least I got my new notebook/laptop work first. I borrowed 2 CDs. The first one ( I didn’t need to input any serial number) didn’t
work, damn !!!Well, I used the second CD that actually I had tried to install the day before but didn’t work for the serial number didn’t suit the CD.
I inserted the CD into the DVD drive, praying that it would work, the booting succeeded. And again, it required serial number. Fortunately, a friend had given me a list of serial numbers retrieved from the internet before. I tried a serial number, but it didn’t work. Then, I tried another serial number. Thanks God, it worked. It took about 20 minutes until the installation completed. Well done!! I succeeded installing the WINDOWS VISTA, not bad for a beginner for this was my first time doing the sort of thing, hehehehehe… My COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ40-532TU was working, I thought. Yes it did work, but I just realized that it actually needed some more final touch in order to get it work optimally.
I knew it when went to a friend’s house bringing my COMPAQ PRESARIOCQ40-532TU. He told me that the notebook/laptop still needed some Drivers, Program, to get all the features work. Well yes, after I compared mine with his, I realized that the display of my COMPAQ PRESARIOCQ40-532TU was still blurry; this was the most obvious one. I was lucky to have this friend, he helped me to download the drivers and even helped me to get all the things installed into my notebook. Thanks a lot, Mate.
Well, he also told me the web-site where to find the required drivers. Should you need the driver as well, please follow this link.

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