Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Specification of COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ40-532TU

   Huhh...finally, I can open this article that I saved in Microsoft word before. Hmmm...now it can complete the previous article about Driver for Compaq Presario CQ40-532TU. Let's get to the point in hereunder paragraph then !!
  Notebook, it seems to be a trend now. Its popularity has become higher in the replacement of PC. Yes, I believe that most people, including you guys, would now prefer to buy a notebook than PC. Reasonable indeed, looking its usage that, in my opinion, fulfills the current age demand. portability, the strength of notebook compare to a Personal Computer (PC).
  I had been dreaming to buy notebook/laptop since a few years ago. When I
was in Jakarta, when I worked there, I wanted to buy it but I loved my money much more that I didn’t want to spend it in a notebook/laptop even though actually I want it, weird, ha?

  Anyway, considering its portability and function, finally I bought a notebook/laptop a couple months ago. Actually, I am not the sort of a person whose job needs to be in touch with notebook/laptop all the time since my work can only be done at my office. I return to my hometown every weekend whereas in Semarang during the weekday. Therefore I chose notebook/laptop rather than PC so that I can bring it everywhere I
want. After quite sometime considering which brand I should buy, finally I decided to buy COMPAQ CQ40- 532TU.
This decision was taken due to some considerations. First, I checked the specification which fulfilled my need. The specification of COMPAQ CQ40-532TU was as follow:
• Processor : Intel Pentium Dual Core, T4300 Hz(2.1 GHz)
• HD : 160GB
• LCD : 14’
  The specification is so standard, I decided to choose this notebook due to my need off course (and also the money I had, hehehehehe…). I didn’t think that I needed the advanced notebook yet, since what I require from it will only those some basic ability, typing, data saving, playing DVD, writing some English learning materials, playing music and those sort of basic functions.
  Compared with some years ago, the notebook’s price is much cheaper now. I spent IDR 4,800,000 to bring this COMPAQ CQ40-532TU home a couple months ago. I still could not use the laptop for two days after I bought it because there was no Operating System installed. At this point, I had to hunt high and low (what an exaggerating phrase, ha?) to get the Operating System. It was because my COMPAQ CQ 40-532TU required WINDOWS VISTA. It would not work optimally when another Operating System installed in it because it was specially designed for WINDOWS VISTA. I just knew it after I checked it directly on COMPAQ’s web site, click here to check it. In this point, this can be considered as both the strength of CQ40-532TU or weakness.
• Strength, because WINDOWS VISTA is more advanced than the previous WINDOWS, XP. As we all know, WINDOWS VISTA requires more advanced specification than WINDOWS XP. Therefore, from this point we can conclude that CQ40-532TU has a stronger ability compared with those which are designed for WINDOWS XP (According to my own conclusion).
• Weakness, for me who is living in Indonesia, where piracy is widely and freely spread, it is a bit more difficult to get WINDOWS VISTA master program. Unlike WINDOWS XP, it is more rarely used in Indonesia.       This is because (people say) WINDOWS VISTA is “heavier” than WINDOWS XP.
Well, here I just want to share about it. Things to be considered when you want to buy something are just how this will be essential for you. Also, no need to be after for the most advanced one, but what you will use this for. In addition, when you like it, just buy it.

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Mas, apik ya pake bahasa Inggris nulisnya...
EDers sejati
Aku juga pake Compaq CQ35, dan wi fi ku sampe sekarang ga bisa ngedetect sinyal hot spot, poor me...