Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Is My Google AdSense Account Disabled?

     Early this morning, I woke up. Hhhhhh.... I tried so hard to close my eyes again for I had to work later at 8 A.M. Arghh... but my eyes kept widely open. I decided to turn my laptop on, yes, with the hope of getting back my tiredness when I watched the blooming monitor. But unfortunately not, I kept awake, could hardly sleep again. So I managed to open my email. No new important mail, just some new inside my inbox from some random senders.
    Playing the mouse(not the real mouse, you know what I mean), with the
mosquitoes hovering around my head and biting my feet, I just remembered to check my GOOGLE ADSENSE application which I applied a few days ago for my other blog. Actually, I did not apply it on my own for I was blind on it, but a friend helped me on this. He earns from it.  Therefore, I was also interested to apply. Well yeah, who is not
interested to earn by only(sorry, with no intention to despise for I know it's not that simple to really write)staying at home, turning on your PC, login to the internet and updating the article. Yes, I was interested on it. So I did apply it, but no worries, that's not my only reason for making this blog and some other blogs. I merely want to spill whatever in my mind through these words.Oooppsss,,,what did I write, it's just too far from the main topic(I must have got a bad grade in my writing course, but not).

    Back to the topic. Then, I opened my account and the internet connection bravely dramatized the situation by keeping the loading just too long(dramatization or just a terrible connection?). It nearly broke my excitement in opening the result, hahhhhh... But patience brings hope as always, hey? hhahahahaha... last the page was opened. Guess what did GOOGLE say???
    I was not accepted in the program, darn !!! This really ruined my heart into pieces, huhuuuhuuu(translate as if I was mourning in a deep grief). My hope to earn from the internet was broken, argghhhhhh....!!!!(I'm  exaggerating, aren't I?)GOOGLE explained this and that, why my blog was not accepted, I should display the screenshot(is it the correct word? here, but unfortunately, I could not copy the screen through the print screen. Basically, GOOGLE said that my blog had not complied the requirements(what are they GOOG???come on....)Huffff....ya..perhaps I should try next time and may be I need to make a better blog with a better look, content, language or whatever that is. No worries GOOG, your trial means none to me but to make the better one. Though, I am still grateful to you for providing the sort of service, you are just AWESOME !!!!!!(I do hope that you read it GOOG, perhaps you'll feel flattered and accept my application later on, hehehehehe....)

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