Saturday, October 9, 2010

Importing Blog; From Blogger to Wordpress

     Last night, I was playing busy in front of my blitzing laptop. So many ideas in my mind that I was confused from where to start. Finally, after (may be)thousands of aimless clicks on my mouse, I managed to try importing my blog posts in BLOGGER to WORDPRESS. Limited knowledge on blogging was a killing obstacle for me. Though, based of brief and concise last week's tutorial from UCILBLOG.COM , I did the importing. But how did this work? How to import BLOGGER to WORDPRESS?? Below were what I did that(may be) could
be useful for you, about how to import BLOGGER to WORDPRESS, that I want to share with you all, guys.

     First, we have register into WORDPRESS. Go to WORDPRESS.COM. In this phase, we are required to enter an email address. Not long after, an activation must be done by following the link in the email sent to our inbox. It's totally easy. Anyway, when registering,we are offered whether to just create an account or create a blog at once as well.
     Second, having made a blog in WORDPRESS(title, etc) go to Tools menu from the Dashboard of WORDPRESS, see below:

In that menu, click Import. In this step, there will be options provided from what blog provider we'd like to import the blog, choose Blogger(Click). See below screenshot:

At this point, WORPRESS will ask the authorization of our BLOGGER account. We have to enter our email address which we use as our BLOGGER ID along with the password, just follow it, do so.
    Third, after finishing the mentioned procedures, another menu appears like below screenshot:

    After that, click the Import button(choose which blog you want to import to your new WORDPRESS blog) and the process is complete. The posts are imported.Last ouch is just editing the appearance in our new WORDPRESS blog.


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