Thursday, September 5, 2013

English Idioms; Some English Expressions

Youtube, Google's online video site, is always interesting to visit. Yes, from this site you can view/watch whatever video you desire. Sport, technology, news, and many more. Dropping by at Youtube, I found an interesting video about some idioms/English expressions which are adapted from some other languages. Here, I want to share some of them with you. Please have a look.

1. Work your socks off
Originally from : U.K
Meaning : You work very very hard

2. Pulling your leg
Originally from : Australia
Meaning : Joking

3. Always stay on the ball
Originally from : German
Meaning : Stay focus

4. You were born on your feet
Originally from : Spain
Meaning : You have amazing luck

5. You have a clean account
Originally from : Poland
Meaning : You play a perfect game

6. I take my hat off to you
Originally from : Japan
Meaning : I admire your effort

7. You are so pretty, it made a bang
Originally from : Canton
Meaning : You are so pretty

8. Don't make an elephant out of a fly
Originally from : Russia
Meaning : Don't worry too much

9. You're a cat whiskers
Originally from : UK
Meaning : You're just perfect

10. Our relationship is very iron
Originally from : Mandarin
Meaning : Our relationship is very strong

11. YOur personality is as wide as ocean
Originally from : Korea
Meaning : You have a great personality

12. YOu're as good as bread
Originally from : Italia
Meaning : You are a very good person

13. Ginger enough!
Originally from : Canton
Meaning : You are so brave

14. YOu're like a fish in the sea
Originally from : France
Meaning : You look very comfortable in the surrounding

15. You're dripping honey
Originally from : Greece
Meaning : You are very sweet person

16. You have a lively blood
Originally from : Arab
Meaning : You have a great sense of humor

17. You're gold handed
Originally from : Greece
Meaning : You do everything perfectly

##NOTE: I also posted it in my other blog: English Exercise


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