Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blackers' Best Sunday on EDFL Copa 2015 Qualifying Stage

Everyone in the EDFL must know how great Da Blackers are. How superior the team, how qualified the squad, how many records they've made are things undeniable in the league. Refering to those facts, people will easily come up with Da Blackers in their mind when they're asked about the champion of this year's EDFL copa holder.

However, surprisingly Da Blackers faced their worst nightmare on last
Sunday's Copa qualifying game against The Strangers. The Strangers, as the name suggests the played strangely. Unlike their previous matches, the metalic troop came showed their best efforts and spirit in the battle field. Powered by their tall winger Awan "Dono" Giri Dahana, the rest of the players seemed to multiply their power and energy to paint the Blacks strange. Like his name suggests "Dahan" which means "branch", with his newly bartered Specs Spyder he sent thread from both sides, left and right. And also center sometimes :p .His combination with Mr. Left Footed Fergie "Ogie" Ferdiawan succeeded in drilling holes into DaBlackers' defending line. Not only those two players, but everyone in The Strangers did it well to drive center and defending line of DaBlackers. Once spotted that The Black jersey were in frustration. Well, the first half of the game was completely owned by the XL sponsored team. Score? Ask the stat people, please :)

Proceeding to the second half, minus their Captain Aristya David "The Potato Man" DaBlackers found it was so difficult to creep into The Strangers area. But slowly the game looked to be taken by this time currently best team. Dablackers could score couple of goals, equalize the score and made the game even more interesting with both teams drilled their attacking efforts. Unlucky for the Black squad, running out of breath and finding it was so difficult to net the ball, the Strangers stole a goal from a blind side (was it? I a bit dramatize it :P)

Final whistle sounded, DaBlackers home pointless, but they still go to the next round. The result would have been different if the long missing Stranger Petrus Gone Wrong came into the game. Better for The Strangers? no, but worse for them. With his unnamed acrobatic (but sometime useless :p) tricks, this will be a noticeable hole DaBlackers would constantly be aware on. Maybe sometimes his acrobatic aims created a hole in the deffense, but his long absence does make hole in the League's entertaining side.

An exclusive interview with DaBlackers deffender, he revealed that he was a bit dissapointed when his team seemed to underestimate the opponent. Yet he was then so pleased with his team's return, with the game, with the Strangers, with the great fight they gave. "Not a good result, but a great fight. This one I call as a TRUE FUN" he added.

** gramatical errors and inapropriate dictions might be here and there, revision inputs are appreciated.
** no aim to offend anyone, some are just jokes


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